The spy pigs sight word game is finally complete.  In this game you give students one Spy-pig to decorate. Tell students that there are 5 different types of items that they can use to disguise their spy pig: Shirts, pants, sunglasses, hats, or other accessory.

Each of these categories has 20 sight words that students have to learn. So if a student can correctly read all 20 sight words within a minute they can choose something for their spy pig to wear.

If they wish to change what there spy pig is wearing they have to again demonstrate their mastery of the word list.

Or you can have them play this version as a way to practice sight words in a reading center:

Students take turns drawing a card. When they read the word correctly they get to keep the card. If they get three of the same kind (i.e. if they get three cards with sunglasses on them) they can choose something to put on their spy pig. They can also place something on their spy pig when they draw a Choose a ______, card.

In this type of game, you don't need to have students compete to win, they can just play to show off their style and creativity. 
This game will be available for free until Friday when it will become available for purchase.  The payed for version will also have black and white pages that your students will be able to color in themselves.  (Plus you won't have to use all of your colored ink.)

The version of this game contains the words from Fry's sight word list 201-300.  Other versions of this game including ones for the Dolch word lists will be coming out shortly.   

The free give away of this game is now over.  You can purchase this game for Fry's Word List 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, or 301-400 on my new Spy Pigs page.   Each game is only $1.50.


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