Having students keep vocabulary journals is a great way for students to organize, learn, and review vocabulary words.  The templates that I've created let students record there understanding of the word, mark their favorite words, define the vocabulary term in their own words, draw a picture, find synonyms and antonyms and finally write a sentence for the word.  These will be available as a free download for today only so get yours quickly.  Afterwards they will be available for purchase from this site.  Get your free copy by clicking on one of the pictures below or the download link.  I have free give-aways of my new products to reward those who subscribe to my blog or who like me on Facebook.  You can do both on the sidebar to the right. 

The free give away is over.  You can get these worksheets now on the new websites shop


Prof. S
04/24/2012 2:10pm

These journal worksheets are really quite cute; however, you have spelled a word wrong! "DOES" not dose... you might want to change this before too many are downloaded.

Sorry, I just noticed this.

anne schams
04/24/2012 2:24pm

love these ideas! Just thought you should change the word dose to does.

Kaylee's Education Studio
04/24/2012 3:18pm

Thanks for catching the typo. It's been fixed.

06/22/2012 6:40pm

Great blog, enjoyed browsing through the site


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